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On the hunt for the ultimate bagel haven in Melbourne’s western region? Look no further than Blackbox Espresso. We’re dishing out mouth-watering breakfast and lunch bagels, ready to satisfy your cravings from 5 am to 2 pm, six days a week. Positioned in Melton and catering to the vibrant communities of Kurunjang, Harkness, Brookfield, and Thornhill Park, we’ve got your back with drive-thru specialty coffee, cafe-style bagels, and so much more.

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At Blackbox, we’re rewriting the drive-thru experience – where convenience doesn’t come at the expense of quality. It’s all about striking the perfect balance. Dive into the best-in-the-west bagels that are sure to redefine your bagel expectations. Ready to take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey? Swing by now and experience the bagel revolution for yourself!

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Wake up and savour the bagel magic! At Blackbox, we’ve got your breakfast cravings sorted with a lineup of tailor-made morning bagels that are sure to satisfy. Whether you’re into the timeless bagel toasties, the hearty bacon and egg combo, the luxurious benedict, or the captivating smoked salmon creation, our breakfast game is strong!

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But here’s the kicker for all you breakfast enthusiasts out there – if you’ve got a real brekkie hunger, brace yourself for the iconic Blackbox Breakfast. It’s all about the Ajvar, double the egg, double the bacon, and the irresistible touch of crumbled feta. Your mornings just got a whole lot tastier!


Craving a brunch or lunch that hits the spot? Dive into our world of bagel delights. A classic Reuben, featuring Swiss cheese that melts in your mouth, succulent pastrami, and the tangy twist of sauerkraut. Or perhaps a BLAT is calling your name – bacon, lettuce, avocado, and tomato unite for a symphony of flavours. And let’s not forget the Italian-style Deli bagel, a medley of freshness and flair.

Our promise? Each bagel creation is loaded with the freshest ingredients and toasted to perfection, ensuring your hunger is not only satisfied but celebrated. It’s a brunch/lunch affair that’s bound to elevate your day!

Mark your calendars for the ultimate treat – our monthly BBQ bagel extravaganzas! Brace yourself for a flavour explosion as we fire up the smoker to unveil mouthwatering slow-cooked brisket, tantalising pulled pork, and a whole lot more. It’s a feast that’ll have your tastebuds dancing!

Stay in the loop by tuning into our social media channels. We’re dishing out all the juicy details you need to ensure you don’t miss a single moment of this epic culinary celebration. Your appetite won’t want to miss this – see you there!

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At Blackbox we take our coffee seriously. We do drive thru specialty coffee, cafe style bagels and more. Our expert baristas source the finest locally roasted beans, ensure the perfect grind and pour every coffee to perfection. From creamy lattes with your choice of milk to perfect crema on your long black, every coffee is made just right.

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Melbourne’s coffee standards are sky-high, and we’re right there with them. Armed with locally roasted, freshly ground beans, we exclusively select the crème de la crème to guarantee a flawless coffee experience, every single time.

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